Our NHS is being sold off to corporations to profit from illness. It will be replaced with a private insurance based system unless we do something about it.

The Secretary of State for Health no longer holds a duty to provide healthcare for all citizens in England. This duty was removed for the first time by the Health & Social Care Act 2012. NHS contracts have now been opened up to unlimited privatisation.

Since 2013, over a third of NHS contracts awarded have gone to private companies like Virgin and this is increasing. Our NHS is being run into the ground by cuts and by siphoning profits to corporations and banks. The government’s Five Year Forward View and the new “Sustainability & Transformation Plans” are restructuring the NHS so private investors can carve it up. Misleading terms, such as ‘reform’ and ‘modernisation’, are used to confuse the public. The NHS logo covers up what is really going on.

NHS Solidarity is a group of passionate and committed NHS doctors, nurses, patients and campaigners dedicated to standing up for a universal healthcare system available on the basis of need rather than the ability to pay. We aim to launch an all-out campaign to expose and reverse the NHS sell-off, which will block care for the poorest. We have seen this with our own eyes on the frontline and it is simply immoral. The British people are opposed to this and therefore the destruction of the NHS is undemocratic.

We invite everyone who cares about the NHS – the most progressive and efficient healthcare system in the world – to join us in a united and compassionate mass campaign of direct action in pursuit of the following demands:

  • The NHS to be renationalised by reversing all privatisation and outsourcing of facilities and services
  • No NHS facilities and services to be closed wherever this reduces local provision of care
  • All Public-Private Partnership and Private Finance Initiative contracts to be terminated
  • All taxpayer health funding to be spent on publicly owned, controlled, and provided NHS facilities and services
  • The NHS market to be abolished and all NHS facilities and services to be rationally planned and coordinated so as to provide a comprehensive health-care system available to all, free of charge, at the point of need
  • All NHS facilities and services to be run by democratically elected boards formed exclusively of publicly employed NHS doctors, nurses, other health workers, and representatives of patient groups and the wider community
  • The NHS to be fully publicly funded, in line with need, by increased taxation of the banking industry and corporations
  • All NHS workers to be employed in-house, on direct contracts, on union-negotiated pay, terms and conditions.

If you agree with our charter click here to register as a supporter. Alternatively you can email info@nhssolidarity.org.uk